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Pelican Soup Riddle

Main Piece CT “heard this literally the other day” from one of his friends: “A guy walks into a restaurant and asks for Pelican Soup. They serve it up to him and he tries it, then kills himself. Why did he kill himself?” After we took several guesses to no avail, CT revealed the answer:… Continue Reading »

Little Green Door

Main Piece DR learned this question-and-answer riddle game from camp. The participants repeatedly ask if arbitrary items can “pass through the Little Green Door” until the participants figure out the pattern of what can and cannot pass through. Some selections from our rounds: CT: “Can I pass through the Little Green Door?” DR: “No.” BM:… Continue Reading »

Elephant Game

Main Piece JD described a game called Elephant, where the person “in the know” running the game (the Teller) continues saying things following a hidden pattern until the pattern is found out by the guessers. JD learned this game from his friend PJ from Las Vegas, who “knows a bunch of these games.” Some selections… Continue Reading »

Blind Dwarf Riddle

Main Piece JD told us he had heard this riddle in elementary school, around 4th grade: “You walk into a room and you find a dead man. And all that’s in the room is a noose, because he hung himself, and a cane, and sawdust. What happened?” The other participants and I took a few… Continue Reading »