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Generally up to the first year.

Using a string and piece of string to predict the gender of a baby

Main Piece Informant: So you put a ring on a string. You loop it and then you hang it in front of the pregnant woman by her stomach-but don’t let it touch the stomach. If it motions sideways then it means it is a girl, but if it motions front and back it is supposed… Continue Reading »

Using Yerba Buena to ail colicky babies

Main Piece Informant: That was my situation, I got married at 18 and at 19 I had my first daughter. That is when all of the wives tales emerged. All of my family members shared with me their tips and tricks. My first daughter was very colicky so the first one I remember was feeding… Continue Reading »

The more salsa you eat while pregnant, the hairier the baby

Main Piece Informant: Some Mexican families believe that when you are pregnant the more salsa you have the hairier the baby is gonna come out. I didn’t like salsa a lot, and I was pregnant at the same time as my cousin and she loved salsa, she would chug it. So our family would joke… Continue Reading »

Korea’s First Birthday Tradition, Dol-jabi

Main Piece: This is a translation from a conversation with my mom about first birthday traditions in Korea. She is identified here as M and I am identified as IC. IC: Can you tell me about Dol-jabi? M: Dol-jabi is a tradition where you get the baby to grab something on their first birthday to… Continue Reading »

Red Egg Party

Main Piece: According to RE, a traditional Chinese celebration for newborn babies is called a Red Egg Party. “The red egg party is to celebrate the one month birthday of a new baby. You rub their head with green onion sticks and a red egg, and throw a celebration with red dyed eggs. Right of… Continue Reading »