Charades Against Humanity

M and I had gotten together to talk about another game one of our good friends had introduced us to, but as we continued speaking about other games that we all played at a friend’s dinner party a few months ago. Most people know about the card game, Cards Against Humanity, but after seeing an episode of Jenna Marbles our friend N decided she wanted to recreate the game she played on her vlog. Jenna’s authored source video is shown below. However, N’s version differs slight in that she uses all the cards involved in the deck.

M: Cards Against Humanity decks come with two kinds of cards: white and black. It’s essentially an adult version of Apples to Apples with either really graphic or dark words written. So N saw the video below and wanted to step up the charades version, by using the black cards as well. Same charades rules apply, you act out the phrases for a minute before it switches to the other team or pair. Now with the black cards and the blanks, at the end of the game, you use the white cards you’ve won from the charades game to put fill in the blanks.

L: Does that make it a fusion of Charades and Cards Against Humanity?

M: Yeah, you pretty much play charades to get the cards for Cards Against Humanity.

L: Interesting, I know that I’ve been spreading it amongst some of my other friend groups and each person tends to set different parameters for timing and ruling.

M: We decided on one minute because anything less and it’s hard to get through the 8 word long cards, but you still also feel the pressure for the time.