Take a can (soup, Pringles, ect.)

Decorate it green with pictures of money, and coins, and color it.  Put all of your change into it.  Shake it three times. Say “May my wealth increase, so may it be.”

Ariel learned this charm from her older brother’s girlfriend when she was in middle school.  The charm is supposed to increase your wealth if done properly. The chant is supposed to be performed during a full moon.

This charm follows many folklore traditions.  We again see the repetition of three when the can is shaken.  We also see a belief that imitation can conjure something of the like.  The can is decorated to resemble money and this is intended to attract money to the individual who recites the charm.  The charm also implements use of the lunar calendar, as the directions state that the charm must be performed on the first night of a full moon.  Ariel does not know the significance of the first night of the full moon in the efficaciousness of the charm, but she remembers that she was told that the charm would not work if done on any other night.

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