Children’s Game


The game MASH is a children’s game played all over the world. Trisha told me that she first played this game when she was in 2nd grade. She thought that it was very dumb and not fun. But as she grew up she realized it was a fun game.

The game is played between two people. One person would write things down and the other would be whose life we would try to predict. The person writing down the things would ask the other person to name 5 boys, places, cars, colors and such things. Then after they have collected the information then she would ask the person to say a random number between 1-4. Then that number would be multiplied by 2 and subtracted by 3. That number would be used to cross of the things on the list. They would count to that number on the list and then cross out that item, until there was one of each of the categories. Then those would be what would be your projected life. At end they would count off the MASH and the remaining letter would be the type of house you would live in, M standing for mansion, A standing for apartment, S standing for Shack and H standing for house.

This game is very similar to many other children’s games played by girls such as true love and lemons. Trisha said that she would play this game at recess with her friends. Since then she has only played this game as a joke with her friends in high school. But when she was a child she thought this game was very fascinating because it predicted your life in the future. She said she usually picked the cutest guys in the grade as her 5 boys.

As much as this game was fun, it had no use to it but only for pleasure and fun. I think that many girls play this game because they love to look into the future. There are many versions of this game. Such as MASHO which has an outhouse added to the end of the name, and MAPSHC which has playhouse and cardboard box added. This game is very popular and would probably be played all over the world in many different languages.