Chinese as part of my culture

“There were definitely a ton of things about my ethnicity that influenced me so I don’t even know where to begin…I guess something that’s always been prevalent in my life is the actual Chinese language…I spoke it fluently as a kid but lost it as I grew up in school since my parents never really enforced it at home. They forced me for years to learn at Chinese school every Saturday morning, this happens to a lot of Chinese kids trust me, and I never really took it seriously until later when I realized how embarrassing it was that I couldn’t even talk to my relatives very well, it was so bad, yep bad times; but any who that also influenced me to take Chinese as a language in high school, not just for the “easy A” and all that you know? But because I actually felt like it was a huge part of my culture and like my heritage that I was missing and you know I kinda wanted it back, plus it sounds so cool huh?”

I feel like persons language is one of the most important aspects of their culture because it is through their language that they are able to communicate with other people who speak the same language. Therefore this form of folklore is important in being close with one’s own culture, this allows different people to find unifying factors with one another in the form of language so that they may be able to communicate and in this way pass on more folk stories.