Chinese Drinking Game

In the game described by my source, who first learned about the game through a study abroad program to Hong Kong, a circle of individuals will pass around a bottle cap of a bottle of hard alcohol, below which is attached a sort of metal safety seal that can be twisted and ripped off. This excess piece of metal is twisted in a way in which the seal has almost broken off, but is just barely hanging on. This cap is then passed around and flicked at. The person who first flicks off the seal will lose the game and must drink more than everyone else. There are apparently subtleties of the game such as the person who flicks too lightly is considered a pansy, and you are encouraged to flick harder to make the game more intense.

My source describes this game as a fun game amongst people who are already slightly inebriated, and therefore have less overall motor control. This game seems to me like a sort of Russia roulette with alcohol, and the loser is almost guaranteed to do worse each and each time, as he is going to have less control. He explained that this game did not even have a name, yet everyone he was playing with already knew the rules, suggesting a word of mouth passage as a folk game.