Chinese Story

There once was a very rich boy who would visit his favorite Chinese restaurant every single day.  Every day, he would ask for buns with the crust taken off for him — he only liked to eat the best/softest part.  Years later, the little boy’s family lost their fortune and were forced to live off the streets.  The little boy went to his old favorite restaurant and begged the owner for food.  The owner recognized the boy and told him to come inside and quickly made him some food.  The little boy happily ate every last bit of food offered to him and asked the owner what the delicious dish was made of.  The owner replied, “I saved the crusts you asked me to cut off all those years and fried them up into this dish for you.”

Joseph was born and raised in Taiwan and went to school there until he moved to America to attend college at John’s Hopkins University. He told me that this story was told to him by his father when he was a child.  He does not know if the story was told to his two younger brothers as well.  He told me that what this story meant to him was that it is important not to waste food.  Also, you must recognize that there are so many people less fortunate than you who would gladly eat the food you reject.  Additionally, this story reminds Joseph of his father and his childhood.  He continues to pass this story down to his children in order to both teach the important moral of the story in addition to keeping his father’s story alive through future generations.

While I do not believe this story is true, I believe that it teaches a very valuable lesson.  What this story means to me is similar to what it means to Joseph.  I believe it teaches the importance of not wasting and to not take more than I can handle.  It reminds me that I am extremely fortunate and that there are so many people who are less fortunate than I am.