Christmas with the Academy

Every Christmas, the informant and his family goes over to his cousin’s house where they watch screeners with the whole family. His uncle is a lifetime member of the Academy and the whole family gets to watch all the major films on DVD before they come out in theaters. This is an annual thing that the informant and his family do. The informant had explained that typically he hates spending time with his family but every Christmas is the one time of year he actually looks forward to because of this holiday ritual. He also went on to mention that his “family does not operate well in general,” so watching these movies is a great way to bring the family all together to coexist with one another during this peaceful time of year. The family goes beyond immediate into extended as well so it’s a very big event for the informant and his family, since his mom has six brothers and sisters. It’s at this time of year where they put their differences aside to enjoy movies and focus on all the children. The informant said that if he were every in the Academy, he’d continue this ritual with his own family. But since his profession isn’t leaning towards the movie industry, he still wants to continue this ritual in some way or another, whether it be with old movies or television shows. The informant mentioned that it’s during this time of year that he feels super relaxed and happy around his family and hopes that this will continue for the rest of his life. I personally enjoy how movies bring together families, despite the context of the past and their present relationships. It’s very nice to hear that a group of people can put aside their differences to enjoy each other’s company through this annual event of watching films.

This folklore was collected via telephone call.