Colombian Fable

Type: Folk Story

  1. “Ok so once upon a time there was an old lady, and she had nothing to eat. She only had meat, fruit, candies, eggs, bread and fish. She drank soup, chocolate milk, wine, tea and coffee. And she couldn’t find anything to eat or drink. This old lady didn’t have a place to live, except a big house with a garden. No one took care of her except from her family and a bunch of animals. She never had anywhere to sit except for couches, chairs and benches. She complained about not having enough clothes but she had a bunch of clothes, shoes as well, same thing. She spent the rest of her life complaining about how she hadn’t had enough. Then one day, she died, and all the stuff she didn’t use remained. God now gives us all the things that she didn’t use.”
  2. I obtained this piece of folklore from my friend Daniela. Daniela was born and partially raised (only for a couple years) in the country of Columbia, in the city of Bogota. This folk story was told to Daniela by her mother, and is a very popular folk story in Columbia. It is a story meant for children mainly, and is never told to adults. It is only told from adults to children. Daniela heard this story many times from her mother, and other Columbians reference the story as well in daily conversation, when talking about gratefulness and appreciation.
  3. This story is meant to be an ethical story, to teach children something about gratefulness and appreciation. The idea behind the story is to teach children not to take things for granted, and to appreciate everything they have in their life. Again, it is told by parents to their children, usually when they are young.
  4. I really enjoy this story, I was never told anything like it as a child. I think that it has elements of creation myths in it but it also teaches children important life lessons.