Colombian Two Penguins in the Shower Joke

TEXT: “Hay dos pingüinos en la regadera y uno se voltea al otro y le dice, “me pasas el jabon”, y el otro se voltea y le contesta, “que me veo como un radio o que?”

INFORMANT DESCRIPTION: Colombian, male, 49

CONTEXT: This man told me this joke and I truly was very confused for several minutes. I told him I did not understand. He told me that you are not supposed to. But that this joke is meant to be told very late at night, after 4 or 5 am, among men usually who have been drinking, He described it as “a specific time of the night, when you’ve laughed for hours and it seems that everything has become funny. You say this joke and at that point everything is hilarious and the joke is hilarious.”

TRANSLATION: “There’s two penguins in the shower and one turns to the other and says, “will you pass me the soap?” And the other turns to him and says, “what do I look like a radio?”

THOUGHTS: I thought this was the most bizarre thing I’d ever heard and when I heard the explanation it absolutely made sense in my mind. I know those hazy moments when you’ve been laughing so hard it seems the laughter just wants to continue. I thought this was very funny and sweet and I wonder if it actually does garner laughs in that setting.