“Como Me Ves Te Veras”

A saying that Daniel and his family say is “como me ves te veras,” which means: how you see me is how you’ll be too. The significance of this proverb is that the person doing the looking is the only one perceiving. Therefore, how you look at someone reflects a part of yourself. Daniel’s parents or grandparents would say this to him when he they caught him negatively judging someone else. They would say it in order to express that when you judge others, you are judging yourself.
Another proverb that Daniel and his family use is: “perro que ladra no muerde,” which means the dog that barks doesn’t bite. Usually the animal who speaks up or yells the most is putting on a front. He is showing aggression but won’t usually take action.
Both of these proverbs speak a good amount of truth to them. These proverbs in Daniel’s family helped establish some of his morals growing up.