Contemporary Legend – South America

“So there’s this animal that sucks blood if you go too far into the jungle. The chupacabra. It’s a big deal in South America. My friend Mallory, was working in the Peruvian jungle when she worked there for a semester and they always warned her about it when she went out at night. I heard it was like a goat and a head of some sort of lizard or something.”

Samantha heard about this creature from her friend, Mallory, over Thanksgiving Break 2007 because her friend was just there. Mallory told Samantha about it because it was out of the ordinary and something that she only heard of when she was in South America. People in Peru are warned about the chupacabra and are told about its blood sucking ways. They tell it to everyone there because they want to prevent anything bad from happening in the jungles. Samantha thinks that the chupacabra is a very strange and interesting creature, but she does not think that it really exists.

In South America, there have been findings of dead farm animals that had the blood sucked out of them. I think that the natives who have caught a glimpse of the animal might have created an obscure description of the creature and shared it with their neighbors who then in turn, shared it with others. The natives made this animal up to explain the unexplainable. Legends are sometimes created as a result of uneasiness and anxiety. They have no idea what kind of natural animal could do this to their livestock, so they made up a new creature. I believe that it is most likely a deformed animal that resembles a reptile at night.