Contemporary Legend – Texas

This happened in Texas:

Some dudes were drinking at a bar so they came out they were fucked up. And then like when they walked out the bar there was some chick walking across the street and she look like a broad like she look good. She was fine from behind hahaha. And she was with a white dress but her back… you could only see her back when she was crossing the street. I don’t know if she had cakes or not but she look good. So anyway she kept on walking and one of the guys tries to spit game and he’s like “Hey, what’s your name?” but she doesn’t turn around or say nothin’ and she keeps on walking. So he’s like “Naw, Imma get her number.” So he keeps on trying to talk to her like “ey where u goin’? You want me to follow you or walk you home?” But she doesn’t turn around so they keep on following her and like you know they’re drunk as fuck so they don’t really notice. So they keep on following her and following her and they keep on following her like down the road and its like an empty ass road. And then when he finally says “ey turn around lemmie see you.” So she turns around and then supposedly she has like the horse… the face of a horse. And like then they get all freaked out and shit. Like she’s all fine but just her face is a horse. And they’re like “oh shit” and then they run.

Jimmie says that the moral to this story was to not chase after a female in a dark lonely road. If she did not want to talk to you at the bar, don’t waste your time chasing after her, just move on to the next one.

I think Jimmie is right in a sense, but there is a whole lot more to the story. The lady that he describes matches the description of El Salvador’s Siguanaba: white dress, beautiful body, and head of a horse. Another aspect that matches these two figures is the fact that the woman in this story attracts men. The Siguanaba is said to mainly appear to men who typically are cheaters. In this instance, the men that walk after the woman are basically stalking her because she does not respond to them and they keep following her anyway. The Siguanaba attracts scumbags like those gentlemen and if she were to touch them, they go crazy. This leads me to believe that this story was made up by an El Salvadorian. Jimmie himself is Mexican so he probably heard it from someone who was El Salvadorian and had lived in Texas.

I am positive that the version has a great variation from the original version that he was probably told. Many of the phrases he uses, such as spitting game, broad, cakes, getting her number, etc., are terms that he frequently uses when talking about parties that he goes to. He spits game (flirts with) at some broads (good looking girls) with cakes (booty) and tries to get their phone numbers.

Also the vulgar language that is used to tell the story depicts the everyday language of the area he lives in. Most of the younger crowd in Inglewood actively curses when speaking. So naturally when they tell stories they add vulgarity since it’s a part of their nature.