Main Piece: Corpse

“Bleeding a dead corpse”

Background Information:

The informant has heard that bleeding the living people was done a long time ago to help cure people of diseases. It never had any scientific backing and does not actually cure anybody of any diseases. So, if bleeding an alive person to cure them of a disease does not work, then surely bleeding a dead corpse will not work either.

Context of the Performance:

This is normally said to somebody who is trying to complete a task that is not possible or that is unnecessary. It is said to them because it implies that they should rethink the task that they are trying to complete.

My Thoughts:

This is a phrase that I want to use in the future because I can think of many situations where I could say this and it would hold true. However, I am unsure about how many people know what the phrase “bleeding a dead corpse” will imply because they are unaware of the historical context that is a prerequisite to understanding the phrase.