Counting Rhyme

Counting Rhyme – Donald Duck

Donald Duck,

Poke his butt,

All the way to Pizza Hut.

Alex said that he first heard this counting rhyme about a year ago from his neighbor, a little girl. He said it was used while determining who would be ‘it’ in a game of tag.

Growing up I never heard this rhyme so it is fairly new, unless it is just now really starting to spread from other parts of the area. In either case, this rhyme is similar to many other counting rhymes in that it is short and to the point. However it shows signs of perversion in that the person who is ‘it’ pokes Donald Duck’s butt all the way to Pizza Hut.

Little kids are the only ones who say the rhyme. It is easy to see that it is not cool to poke another’s butt. I remember a couple of other rhyme back in the day where the ‘it’ person was made to be some sort of a fool, thus no one ever wanted to be it. Although it may not be true what the person is labeled as, children do not like to bear such labels regardless.

This rhyme also contains a consistent rhyme scheme. Maybe that is why Donald Duck was chosen to have his butt poked rather than Mickey Mouse or Cinderella. Another possibility could but that it would bother him the most to have his butt poked since he isn’t always a happy camper.