Croke-Patterson Mansion

Croke-Patterson Mansion


Haley Croke. Haley is a first-year student at USC studying in Annenberg. Haley grew up in Denver Colorado and is familiar with certain Colorado legends. She also has an important and unique point of view, since she is a Millennial, which seems to be the most “out-there” and transformative generation we have seen thus far. Because of this, Haley is a perfect informant, as she holds a modern and up-to-date perspective. All interviews were held in a study-room on campus.




“So Thomas Bernard Croke IV is my Dad. Thomas Bernard Croke (the First) founded this huge, crazy, pretty famous mansion a long long time ago. I’m not exactly sure of the details but what I do know is that my, I guess ancestor, founded… a horror house. I’m literally too scared to go inside… It creeps me out knowing I can be traced to the place. But supposedly there were a ton of exorcisms in the house which is super creepy. What’s possibly even creepier is that supposedly every guard dog they would get ended up dying. I don’t know many details, because I honestly don’t want to know. I know that it’s open to the public for tours now. It’s in Downtown Denver. Gives me chills just thinking about.”



Turns out everything Haley says is true. The house caused public hysteria for a long time and was closed to the public after it was abandoned long ago, but can now be accessed via $25 tours. Supposedly, there are supernatural winds that open and shut the drawers in the house constantly. It’s a famous tourist attraction in Denver.