CSU STADIUM BELL – Legend / Ritual

Transcript – Informant Speaking
“Outside of football stadium there is a bell – I will point it out when we check out CSU – that bell is from the original campus – the oval – and what ended up happening was the original building the bell presided on was burnt down in a fire and it was lost someone took the bell…then years and years later it was returned to the school before the stadium was finished being built it is thought the people who stole it buried it…now after every win the football team gets they ring the bell!”

Here my friend is telling a story about the Colorado state university Bell. Said friend is a big sports guy, and is very into football games, giving him a big attachment to this ritual. The story about the school being burned seems relatively close to the truth (I cross checked on the schools main page). I’m not sure about the bell being stolen and returned though. Seems like a good speculation though. They likely learned this story from their other college classmates.

I was on a zoom call asking about college legends with some of my old high school friends. Seeing as they all go to different schools around the country, I imagined it would give a wide array of different stories to share. This one was one of the first presented to me. It should be noted that said informant is a very passionate speaker. I’m pretty sure he told this whole story in a single sentence

I’m not too into sports stories. I never really liked football. But I thought that the bit about the bell being mysteriously returned was interesting. Almost got a more ghostly quality to it. Of course, Cameron explained it with a more logical sports centered explanation (it was obviously just a rival team who felt guilty) but it’s easy to see how it might be construed differently if it were an object or a bell not related to sports.