Custom – Foodway

Every Sunday evening my informant and her family and extended family all go to her grandmother’s home for dinner. Her grandmother always cooks for everyone and they spend time with one another talking and playing board and card games. My informant describes it as a “standing appointment”. There is an understanding among all family members that it is an important family tradition that you do not miss unless it is an extreme circumstance. Sunday also happens to be a Sabbath day, meaning a religious day of rest. Being that my informant’s father is a preacher, the family attends church service that morning for worship then comes together in the evening time to feast.

This tradition is a way for family members to come together after either the beginning or end of a business and fast paced week when they may not be able to spend much time with one another. Historically, since Sunday is a religiously observed day for rest and devoted to family it is fairly common for families to have a traditional Sunday dinner even if they are not religious.