Dark Side of the Rainbow

“Have you ever played Dark Side of the Moon while watching the Wizard of Oz?” According to my informant, this is a widely known pairing of the 1939 movie and 1973 Pink Floyd album. “If you watch the movie while playing the whole album, they like, flow together. Its crazy.” I had never heard this before, so of course my curiosity was aroused. I then proceeded to watch the Wizard of Oz dubbed by the album. I started the album right as the credits roll after the last roar of the MGM lion.  I was shocked at how many eerie similarities occurred between the film and album. I took note of some notable coincidences;

  •  As Dorothy balances on the fence during , “Breathe’, the line “balanced on the biggest wave, race toward an early grave” is the background and Dorothy falls as the song changes.
  • The sound of an airplane speeding by is heard just as Dorothy looks from side of the sky to the other as she sings “Over the Rainbow”.
  • When Dorothy and her home are taken up by the tornado, “Great Gig in the Sky” plays, which is very suiting.
  • The song “Brain Damage” corresponds perfectly with the scarecrow scene.
  • A heartbeat is heard when Dorothy taps on the Tinmans hollow chest.

There are much deeper interpretations in listening to the lyrics as well. I don’t think I could catch many of them, but my informant did point some out to me. For example, once Dorothy arrives in Munchkin land, a line from “Money” is heard, “get a job with more pay and you’re okay” which could be interpreted as foreshadowing of Dorothy’s “promotion” to slaying the Wicked Witch of the West. Some of the coincidences my informant showed me were far-fetched, but I must admit thought provoking. The album can be put on repeat, as the film is longer but even when repeating the album similarities continue to occur. I ask my informant where she heard this from, and she says that her friends brother  had told her and she too was compelled to try it. Her “mind was blown” after seeing that it actually worked. Know one can really know how this syncing came about or who first thought about it.“Dark Side of the Rainbow” is a good time when you have nothing else to do or just can’t fight your curiosity, and I’m sure that is the main reason why so many know about this strange pairing.