Dave the Ghost

The informant told me of a ghost story that happened where he was living. Prior to it happening, three years before, the informant’s cousin was living in the same guest house (in Calfiornia) the informant was living in. The guest house was conjoined with a shed that had a lot of spooky things in it. The cousin was telling the informant of a time when he woke up in the middle of the night because he heard loud breathing around three in the morning. Upon hearing this, the informant’s cousin ran outside in a panic. The cousin had informed the informant and his family the morning after it had happened. “Fast forward a few years later,” the informant said, “I randomly think of how my cousin told me this story and how eerie it is that I live in the same room as he did now.” As the informant is thinking this, out of nowhere, a pipe burst and water starts spewing all over the place. The informant said he felt totally surprised and scared, yet finally believed at that moment that his cousin had experienced the supernatural. The informant later went on to learn that someone did die on his property. After that, the informant moved out of the guest house a few weeks later and spoke about how the grounds he lived on were definitely haunted by a ghost he thought to be named Dave. The informant went on to say that supernatural events like this seem to only happen to the men in his family, each male family member having some sort of weird event happening to them. I found this piece to be exhilarating to hear spoken. I could really hear the emotion and feeling from the informant upon his descriptions. I got an overwhelming sense of spookiness just by listening, with myself even getting goosebumps.