Demon Dog

What is being performed?/Interview description
D: My grandma told me this story in Mexico. At a certain time she had to cross a river to get back before sunset. If you were to cross it before sunset you would see a demon dog. One time her and her sister were fighting over a banana but the sun hadn’t sat. She said that they saw the dog and the only way to outrun it was to cross the river and they all had to get under a table
AA: Have you ever seen the demon dog before?
D: No, but people talk about it, especially in my family.
AA: What does it look like?
D: It’s just a dog but it’s possessed and rabid.

Why do they know or like this piece? where/who did they learn it from? What does it mean to them?
AA: Why do you know this story?
D: My grandmother told me this story.
AA: What does it mean to you?
D: It’s just scary to me. I tell it when my friends tell ghost stories.

Context of the performance– where do you perform it? History?
This story is performed by Danielle around her friends but originates from her grandmother in Mexico. She performs it still in college and has performed it in high school.

I think the concept of a demon dog is really interesting. I tend to think of dogs as pure or purer than humans so to have such an animal demonized is interesting. I can understand it though because of how scary rabid dogs can be or stray dogs. Getting bitten is a real fear and I can see how it gets manifested out through folklore.