Dime House (A Ghost Story).

Michael Gordon, a junior studying Pop Music at the University of Southern California, who hails from Flemington, New Jersey, provided four pieces of folklore for this collection.

The interview was run, within his studio, at Orchard Avenue, on the outskirts of the University of Southern California.

Folk-Type: Legend.

Folk Performance: Dime House (A Ghost Story).

“Any Ghost Stories or weird happenings in Jersey?” – Stanley Kalu

STORY: I lived by a house and it was like, they called it the Dime House and there’s like a couple of ghost stories or like ghost books and the Dime House was in it and I lived right by it and apparently, no one has inhabited the place for 10 years but when you’d go inside they’d be this ghost that would lay dimes everywhere. And, if you touch one you’d get, like, really bad luck. My friend went in it and there were a bunch of dimes everywhere. It was pretty crazy.

Background Information: Michael heard about this through his friends. He likes it because it’s apart of his local identity.

Context of Performance: Teenagers will enter the space and check if there are actually dimes in there.

Thoughts: I wonder if people place dimes in the dime-house in order to keep the legend going.