Dirty Drinking Trick for Dirty Pleasures

Informant back Ground:

This informant is a  Junior at USC in the Naval ROTC program. he considers himself the typical college boy and often enjoys attending the numerous parties around campus.


Informants story :

“So I know this trick I heard from some enlisted guys [navy] while over summer cruise works. What you do is put a shot on your head and get a girl to put her hands behind her back and try to drink the shot from off of your head. What she might or might not know is that her cleavage will be directly in your face while she does it. It’s kind of wrong, but very right at the same time.”



I’ve actually heard of this trick before. This little “trick” is known fairly well throughout the military, primarily due to its masculine environment. This trick has even been featured in the HBO miniseries “The Pacific”. This “trick”, however, is beginning to fizzle out among members of the military as the military begins cracking down on any form of sexual harassment, especially when alcohol is involved. That being said, it is entirely within reason to assume that this action is performed by many other non-military as well. Though this trick may be well and fun should the participating female be aware of the reason for the act, it would definitely be considered sexual harassment by any court should the woman be unaware of what she was really doing.  Even so, the male need for sexual stimulation is unending, and chances are this trick will perpetuate far into the future.