Do not be at school alone

Background: The informant was a young high schooler in Korea. She remembers a story about a janitor who passed away at the high school she attended.

Me: When and where were you informed about this incident that occurred?

JY: Well, I was a junior in high school when I was informed and made aware of an incident involving the school janitor. The janitor was working at night when he suddenly had a heart attack and died. Ever since that, there has been many cases of students seeing a janitor late at school. I thought this was a story to scare the students but no. I was at school finishing up work when I heard a noise outside the room. Thinking that I was just hearing things ignored it until the noise got and closer. I was so bothered by it that my friends and I went outside the room to see what was in the halls. I sawed the ghost of the janitor and ran to the front of the school.

Me: Why do you remember it?

JY: I remember this very clearly because I was very shocked that I saw a ghost because I didn’t believe in them. I especially remember this incident because it was the time when I recently found out that the previous janitor died at school.

Me: Was it more believable at night?

JY: Yes it was!

Me: What do you make of it?

JY: This was when I realized that my belief in ghosts was wrong. Ghosts are real. Don’t look at me like that. Ghosts are real! I was like you, someone who didn’t believe in ghosts; however, that is not the case anymore. I wish you were there to experience what I had.

Context of the performance: This was told to me over a Zoom call.

Thoughts: The informant considers this ghost story to be widely experienced especially in Korea. The story the informant told was nothing too out of left field, but still instilled that emotion of fear and shock into me (the audience). For some reason, the high school students, who reported similar cases to the one my informant told, tended to be more from the female population. This left me questioning if females experience more ghost stories and if so why.