Don’t sneeze before you leave your house

Context & Background: 

KR – informant and friend from college of the collector. They share the same ethnicity and often talk about the similarities in their lives. SD – collector 

Performance: (via FaceTime)

KR: As you are leaving the house, if you sneeze, you have to drink water or eat something, and wait a few minutes before you leave your house again. 

SD: I remember this one! My mom told me that I would always sneeze as we left the house and we would have to wait before we left. Apparently I caused them to be late to quite a few places. (laughs)

KR: Yea, to children, if you ever tell them not to do something, they always do it. 

SD: No, this happened a few years ago actually. (smirks)

KR: (Laughs)


Don’t really know the historical, political, or humorous reasoning behind this belief. KR doesn’t know the meaning behind this belief either. Asking my parents, they said it’s just something we did. Sometimes, there are beliefs that keep going for generations, and their meaning gets lost with time. This is one case of that, but it’s still crazy to see the prevalence of this unknown belief in our lives.