“Don’t whistle at night.”

Ever since I can remember, my mom has been telling my entire family to never whistle at night.  She claims that whistling will call the ghosts forth.  Whistling allows ghosts and bad spirits to follow the whistler.  Anytime she hears someone whistling in the house, she’ll immediately urge the person to stop.
When I asked my mom where and when she learned the item, she said that it’s a Chinese superstition that she learned from her parents when she was young.  She spent her childhood in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.  As a child, my mom read about many ghost stories and became very superstitious.  There are many ghost stories in Taiwan with unexplained occurrences.  My mom has become a big believer in ghosts and thinks that ghosts do exist, so the fact that whistling may bring forth ghosts worries her.  She definitely believes in this superstition because of her belief in ghosts.  Since she believes that ghosts do exist, whistling at night can definitely have an impact with calling ghosts.
With this superstition, I’m not quite sure if I actually do believe in it or not.  Because living with my mom influences some of my beliefs, I have started to believe that ghosts exist.  Real life stories that my mom has heard from other people have made me aware that there are spirits on earth.  The fact that whistling at night can beckon ghosts is probable.  If ghosts exist, I think maybe whistling at night can call ghosts, but I don’t see why they would respond to whistling.  Also, I think that ghosts would appear and follow people associated with their unresolved problems.