Driving Folk Religious Practices

Folk Religious Ritual of Kissing the Car Roof when Driving through a Yellow Light

“You kiss your hand then touch the roof when you run a yellow light”

My best friend Kelsey always does this ritual when driving through yellow lights in her car. She kisses her right hand and touches that same hand to the top of the car roof right above her as she goes under the traffic light.  When I questioned her on why she did this she described it as a precautionary measure to ensure safety during the risk of running a yellow light that will soon turn red. She apparently picked it up in high school when she first began driving and has done it under every yellow light since for the past 7 years. She denies any direct religious ties but does admit that she is asking god or angels to protect her. Now she says it is second nature and the meaning behind the gesture is almost lost. She seems to not even know she is doing it.

I have seen a few other drivers preforming the same yellow light act and have even caught myself in the midst of it once or twice.

I think it is most definitely a folk religious practice to ask god or someone up there(through the roof via kiss) for safety in a risky manuver. It seems however to not be associated with any one religious practicing group since I have witnessed both Jews and Roman Catholics participating in the act. I suppose the practice will continue to be spread from driver to passenger through direct performance.