Drug Smugglers

My grandma watches the news too much and comes up with these crazy stories. So this one time, I mentioned how some of my friends and me were thinking about going to Mexico for the summer for a quick vacation, and then she told me this story of these girls who went to Mexico for spring break together. And they were out one night partying, and on of their friends either went home with a boy, or just went missing. They tried to find her, but they couldn’t and so they drove home and as they were driving through border control, they looked over and noticed their friend I another car with sunglasses on. They tried to get her attention, but couldn’t so they flagged down one of the border control officers and told them that that was their friend and when the officer when to the other car to get their friend, he noticed that she was dead and that the people she was with were trying to smuggle drugs in inside her dead body.


I’m not sure where this urban legend stemmed from, but I’ve heard a variation on this where people say that drug smugglers use hollowed out dead babies to smuggle in the drugs. I do know that the drug war in Mexico is crazy right now, and it actually is a very dangerous place to go, but using dead people to smuggle in drugs doesn’t make any sense. I’m pretty sure a border patrol officer can tell the difference between a live human and a dead one. Additionally, that would just make matters way worse if they got caught cause then that’d mean that they’d have murder on their hands too.


So where did your grandma hear this story?

I think on of her neighbors. She’s very social and also pretty old so she tends to mix up what she hears on the news with what she hears from another person. But regardless of its source, she’s a very paranoid and overcautious person anyway, so anything she hears that’s bad just perpetuates this.

My reaction:

I’ve never heard of someone going through such crazy measures to smuggle drugs, but I’ve heard this before on the news.