Dunkin Donuts Robbery version 2

You know this story. I don’t get what the point of this is.

I can’t collect folklore from myself.

Can you just have Vince tell it?

I did but it will be cool to have two versions to compare. Please!

Okay. So this is the story of Dad and Dunkin Donuts. So Dad was studying and Dunkin Donuts was robbed…at gunpoint. And the cops came in and asked him, “What happened. What did the guy look like?” and he didn’t know. Dad didn’t even notice the entire thing happening.

Why do you think we tell this tale so often?

‘Cus it’s funny… you should ask Vince to tell you the story of when Frankie pooped on the roof.

Yeah, maybe. Thanks!



I went home for Easter this year, where my younger brother still lives because he is in high school. In a one-on-one, obviously not super stimulating conversation with my younger brother, he told this family tale. There is another version of this same tale with a bit more to it also in this folklore collection told completely separately by my older brother.


It would be interesting to have another version of this tale by the same informant but in a good mood.