Easter Folk Belief – Latvian

“On Easter, you need to go and swing on a swing or otherwise the mosquitos are going to bit you all summer long.”

“I learned it from my parents. I definitely believe in it. If I don’t go swing—I’m really scared mosquitos are going to bite me during the summer.”

The informant is originally from Latvia but has been living in Los Angeles for more than five years. She practices Latvian Neo-Paganism.

Paganism is a religion that is passed down from generation to generation through folklore, and as such it is rich in folk beliefs. In the spherical calendar, which Paganism observes, Easter is situated in the midst of spring equinox, so needing to swing to prevent the mosquitoes is a kind of homeopathic magic to affect the future season. It is also a form of protection magic because through swinging, the person is protecting themselves from mosquitoes.