Event – University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California

Mustachio Bachio

“Mustachio Bachio usually happens in April on a Wednesday night (because that’s half price jack and coke night at the 90.)  What happens is everyone in the Caribbean comes and there is usually a few kegs and we have t-shirts or tank tops made.  1st thing you do is either grow out a moustache or draw one on your face with a marker.  There are all kinds (curly, handlbar, little, big) after you draw your moustache you get handed a red solo cup full of Jack Daniels and you have to drink the whole thing. There are always trash cans set up because people usually throw up when they drink. Once you drink your cup of Jack, everyone has a couple beers from the keg, talks, parties, and everyone walks to the 90 where you continue to drink more Jack.  Usually a night of debauchery, most of the time you black out.”

Kevin says that Mustachio Bachio is a very traditional party at his college, the University of Southern California.  He does not know who threw the first party, but he believes it has been happening for about five years.  Mustachio Bachio happens sometime in April, always on a Wednesday because that is when the 901 club has a half price deal on Jack and Cokes.  The event is exclusive to boys that live in an apartment complex called the Caribbean.  They all gather in the courtyard, where there are kegs of beer and Jack Daniels.  The boys design and wear matching shirts or tank tops.  They also have to have a mustache of some sort.  Some draw it on and some spend weeks growing one out.  There are always a huge variety of mustache styles, everything from curly to handlebar).  After the boys meet in the courtyard, they are handed a red solo cup of Jack Daniels and have a chugging contest to see who can finish fastest.  There are always trash cans set up because the boys often vomit.  Once everyone finishes their drinks, the boys head over the 901 club and continue to drink and party.  Kevin and the rest of the boys look forward to this night of debauchery the whole year.  The event is particularly important to these boys because it designates a time when they all hang out with each other, avoiding the typical distraction of other people, girls especially.  It is a good bonding experience for them.

College life today centers significantly around drinking.  Due to the drinking habits of college students, many articles of folklore have been created, such as events, traditions, and drinking games.  Mustachio Bachio is an annual party that serves as an excuse for boys to drink an absurd amount of alcohol.  This demonstrates how folklore is created to cater to the activities of college students.