Eyelash Wish

In the occasion that someone’s eyelash falls out in the company of another and that person can grab the eyelash for the person who’s eyelash it is to wish on. The person who grabbed it will put it on their finger and the person who’s eyelash it was will then wish. My informant was taught this by his family and he did this almost exclusively with them. As one would have to touch someone’s face it is a fairly intimate gesture that one wouldn’t do with casual acquaintances. One can grab their own eyelash that detached and still get a wish, but the main point of the act is to have someone else do it for you. It loses some of its meaning if one does it to themselves.

This is a form of contagious magic as the eyelash used to be in contact with the person and they use this link to make a wish on it. My informant no longer believed that it would result in a wish being granted but saw it more as a gesture of intimacy between family members or close friends. While the basic theory of the magic would lead to one person being able to do it the fact that my informant said it wouldn’t be same alone proves that intimacy is a main feature of the method.