Family Dinner

“As a family, we always have family dinners. So, we set up every, like, it’s pretty much without fail we have a family dinner every night. And it’s literally like three tables put up, um, in a row cuz there’s so many people.”


“Haha shout at everyone across the table.”


“It’s basically like Hogwarts dinner every night. No, you really don’t even talk to the people at the other end of the table cuz they’re too far away. It’s that, it’s that big of an ordeal basically.”


“Is this during Hanukkah or just in general?”


“No, just in general when we’re living at home.”


“Who cooks all these gigantic dinners?”


“Yeah all these home-cooked dinners. Uh, my stepmom.”


“That’s quite an ordeal. Like, think of all that.”

“Yeah, she’s a good cook. It’s just like, I guess it’s just like making bigger portions, ya know.”



The family dinner, a simple pastime, but one that I think is immensely important and the easiest way for us future-oriented, fast-paced Americans to stay connected to family. Though I’m sure that many families don’t regularly have sit-down, family dinners. It can be a sad reflection on how far removed we often are from our family, our personal subculture.