Family Remedies

This informant, my best friend, comes from a very Italian family. I interviewed her mother, as well for this project. Informant’s mother is very knowledgable about folklore, Italian and otherwise. She has taught informant much of what she knows, including folk remedies.

My informant lives next door to me and throughout this semester, I’ve asked her to recall things she has learned from her mother. On this particular day, she was sick and had just talked to her mom about home remedies. I asked her about them.

Informant: “My mom is always using natural remedies. Things that she learned from her Grandmother. Her Grandmother lived in Italy, in Stressa. But growing up she told me her grandma used apple cider vinegar for everything..sore throats, rashes. Another thing she used to do is dab Alum on a canker sore inside your lip or gum or whatever, and that would seal the sore so it could heal.”