Family Tradition

“The Green Stuff is a kind of dessert that’s been passed down through my family. We don’t really know the actual name for it so we just call it ‘The Green Stuff.’ As far as I remember, it includes pistachio pudding, um I think it’s a graham cracker crust…I’m not really sure of that part. Um, whipped cream, and cream cheese. Um, my sister started making it for Thanksgiving and special events but um before that like, uh, my grandmother was the one who made it the most. It’s kinda like a pie, I mean you can cut it, but it has no top. It’s like uh, it’s kinda like pudding with a crust sorta thing. I’m pretty sure you mix the pudding and the cream cheese together, and then…you lay down the crust and then after that you put it in the fridge for a while and it sits. And then you layer the pistachio stuff. It’s usually for special occasions. We usually eat it at Thanksgiving although we’ve made it at Christmas sometimes because we like it so much. This is from my father’s side, who’s Irish. I’m not really sure how many generations the Green Stuff’s been passing down…at least three I guess. Um, besides that I’m not really sure where my grandmother got it from, probably from her mom or something. And what’s most interesting now is that my sister took it with her into her convent when she became a nun and they, um, specifically asked for the recipe and all the nuns really love it so it’s now branching out. I have heard of other people with desserts called the Green Stuff but I don’t know how it compares with ingredients to ours.”

The Green Stuff seems like a fun tradition because it makes everyone the family looks forward to the holidays even more because they get to eat the delicious dessert. It seems like the recipe for making the Green Stuff is quite simple and informal (like its title suggests) and can, therefore, be easily altered based on the preferences of each generation or whoever is preparing it.