Fishing Proverb

Main Piece:

The informant told me of a proverb that he was told while fly-fishing. The proverb goes “The fish don’t bite until the first light.”



A fishing proverb told to the informant by a fisherman from Maine while the informant was trying to fly-fish in a river right before dawn. The informant is a 21-year-old USC student from Maine who enjoys fishing on his time off.



The proverb does not exactly state the truth as fisherman are likely to begin fishing before dawn in many places throughout the world. The proverb does make more sense when considering fly-fishing and what that entails. While fly-fishing, one wades into the water wearing waterproof boots and waders. If one slips while deep in the water, the waders will fill up with water and it will be difficult not to drown without assistance. By waiting until dawn, there is more light which will make it easier to walk without slipping and if you do need help, there is a better chance someone will be around to help out.