Folk Belief- Pregnancy

“When you’re pregnant, you know you’re having a girl when the baby sits higher and a boy sits lower.”

The informant first heard this when she was pregnant with her first child.  She said that people were always trying to guess if she was having a boy or girl.  One women told her this old wives-tale.  The informant believed this piece of folklore because while pregnant her baby sat higher and she had a girl.  However, she know that this is just a theory and probably not always true.

There is a lot of folklore about pregnancy.  The pregnancy stage is a liminal time, when the baby is coming but not yet born.  Because this is such an unknown time, people choose to use folk medicine and customs in order to figure out the sex of the baby.  Also science cannot determine the sex of the baby until later in the pregnancy, while folk medicine can solve the mystery right away.