Folk Slang – Whitney High School, Cerritos, California

Supposedly, one day in AP Biology, a guy in my class who said “Kirr the Rorrie Porries” instead of Kill the Rolly Pollies. From then on, we started switching some of our L’s and R’s. We called it Rorrie Porrie. We would sometimes say raptop, instead of laptop. Things like that. We later found out that Eric (the guy who started Rorrie Porrie) never actually said “Kirr the Rorrie Porries” but someone thought it would have been funny if he did, and just told other people that he did. The class above ours has started a language called Tabish that was more elaborate and had actual words that were created for the language. Rorrie Porrie on the other hand just involved modifying English words. It didn’t spread very far, there was only a small number of people out of the entire class that would speak Rorrie Porrie. But, within my group of friends and some other people who I wasn’t friends with, we would sometimes just start talking in Rorrie Porrie. Sometimes it even happened when we weren’t trying to, which just made it funnier and perpetuated it. I don’t know about other people, but my friends and I do still occasionally break out in Rorrie Porrie just because of habit or to joke about high school, although most of the time we just speak normally.