Folk Song

Fraternity Fight Song entitled “Raiders” – Tyler did not want to reveal his fraternity in this project, so replaced the letters of the fraternity with “ABC”.

We’re ABC Raiders,

We’re Raiders of the night.

We’re crazy sons of bitches,

We’d rather fuck than fight.

Highty Highty, All so Mighty,

Who the fuck are we.

God damn sons of bitches,

We are ABC.

Who are we (song leader)

A (group)

Who are we (song leader)

B (group)

Who are we (song leader)

ABC (everyone)

Tyler, who just joined a fraternity to be unnamed this past semester, has great pride in his house and brothers.  “This isn’t our official fraternity song.  That is different and sung at different rituals.  This song is separate and unofficial.  I learned it through older brothers in the fraternity.  No one taught any of the new brothers this song, so at certain rituals when it was sung, I didn’t know the words.  I ended up learning from one of the seniors in the fraternity.”  I asked Tyler if he could tell me the rituals in which this song is sung at, he responded, “It is sung on our Bid Night, which is where we give rushees bids into our house.  It is also sung on Initiation Night, which is when the new guys or pledges are initiated into the fraternity.  So basically it is sung at the beginning and end of the Pledge Semester.  But sometimes it is sung on random occasions, such as bus rides to events.  When asked about how he feels about the song Tyler responded, “This is the one song that gets me so fired up and excited.  When we sing the song officially, everyone is in a circle with our arms around each other, and we just scream the song.  I feel so proud of being in this fraternity when I’m with all the other brothers singing it.” Tyler did not know where the song originated from, but felt it was just passed down.

Many teams, groups, or organizations have fight songs usually before events.  This fight song clearly marks the beginning and end of a vital semester in the fraternity system: the pledge semester.  The pledge semester is a rite of passage into the fraternity, and this song marks a celebration of this semester’s start and commencement.  Lyrically the song looks as if it could have originated long ago, rather than in the nineteenth and twentieth century, when fraternities were created.  The pride that Tyler feels runs parallel to the lyrics of the song specifically the part “Highty, Highty, all so Mighty”.  The song might serve a ritualistic purpose, but it also is a means to scream and shout pride of this fraternity.