Folk Song/Mythology

The Song of Bhang

– Folk Song / Mythology

Gange Bhang Dono Bhen Hai

Rehti Shivgi Ki Sang.

Charan Karne Ki Gang Hai,

Bhajan Karne Ki Bhang.


The Ganges and Bhang

are siblings that

live in God’s head

Informant Analysis:

“My aunt, Suman, in India actually first told me about this song less than a year ago.  This song speaks of the cherished Hindu drink, Bhang.  This drink usually consists of both marijuana and milk, along with other various spices.  This drink in India is like alcohol in the Western world.  It is believed to be Lord Shiva’s favorite drink.  Stories tell of Shiva finding solitude in the shade of a marijuana plant.  Having been made so happy by the plant, Shiva ate from it and rejoiced.  Now, devotees use Bhang to help in their meditation and to allow for the singing of music and for achieving the blissful state that is Shiva.” (J.B.)

Personal Analysis:

It appears that marijuana has had effected Hinduism more so than any other religion.  This folksong alone claims that cannabis is equal to the holy river, the Ganges, and thus, it seemingly praises the plant as a goddess.  Additionally, it is quoted that Bhang lives in the head of God.  Could a more powerful statement be given?  It was selected as Lord Shiva’s favorite drink.  Furthermore, it is said that Shiva adopted the plant as his favorite food.  This is why he is sometimes referred to as the Lord of Bhang.  Yet, either way, this folk song functions in that it sings the praises of Shiva, and also of Bhang and the Ganges.

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