Folk Speech

Folk Speech – Pot Smoking

There are many words that carry special meaning to pot smokers. Examples Include: bowl, pack, greens, and deathstar.

The informant DRH, reports that pot smokers have their own terminology as a social subgroup. He say that pot smokers use many terms, some of which are stoner created and some of which are borrowed from popular culture. According to DRH the term bowl is used to refer to the part of a smoking utensil where the marijuana is placed to be lit. When one put marijuana in the bowl that is referred to as packing the bowl. The first hit off of a freshly packed bowl is called greens. DRH says that the term greens is given because the bowl is still green when the person hits it. Greens is considered the best hit because it tastes the best. If a person gets greens and lights the bowl too much, that is to say more than is required to get a hit, they have deathstared the bowl. Deathstaring the bowl is looked down upon because it wastes weed and is considered a novice mistake.

DRH reports that he enjoys using pot smoker lingo. He says it makes him feel connected to a group identity. He says a person’s level of smoking experience is often judged on their knowledge and proper use of the lingo. He would use terms like these exclusively when smoking marijuana or talking to someone about smoking pot. He doesn’t know exactly where he learned the terms. He claims he just sort of picked them up through smoking with friends.

Much like any hobby group, pot smokers have their own terminology. They make use of their terminology while practicing or talking about their hobby. The lingo helps them to identify themselves as a group. The terms used by pot smokers is also a way for smokers to identify another person’s level of smoking experience. Since smoking pot is generally illegal, the terminology could also serve as a way to safeguard smokers from outsiders. The use of a lingo could also allow smoker to talk about smoking in front of non-smokers in a sly manner. The terminology collected hear can be found in man popular movies about smoking marijuana like “How High”, “Harold and Kumar go to White Castle”, “Half Baked”, and in marijuana smoker publications like “High Times”.