Folk Speech – Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio

Folk Greeting: “What it dookey?”

Michael says this particular greeting is used when you would like to know a person’s current state of being. This greeting is usually used among peers and close friends, and would not be used in formal settings. Michael does not remember where the term derived from. This greeting has been passed down to the students at Xavier University in Cincinnati Ohio.

Through analyzation, I found that this greeting is a version of “What it do?” which is another way of saying, “How are you?” This greeting possesses a sense of childlike humor because of its use of the word dookey which is a common word used amongst children to describe poop. I believe it is mostly used amongst younger individuals where immature bathroom jokes and sayings are regularly shared. I found it interesting to see how quickly this greeting diffused. It was surprising for me to see how a greeting used more amongst 5-12 years old was being used by college students who were 18-22 years old. This goes to show that even after reaching the age of adulthood the college students have not completely let of parts of their childhood. Young adults still embrace their childhood and may use this term as a way of escape: ignoring the daily hassles of adult life and entering back into a world of naivety and childlike speech.