Fontana Spirits


Interviewer: “So you’re from Fontana?”

Informant: “Yes that is correct.”

Interviewer: “And from what I understand there are some myths about Fontana.”

Informant: “Yeah! What kind of myths are you looking for?”

Interviewer: “Anything. Can you give me an example of one?”

Informant: “So basically, it is said that Fontana was built on…not to sound like a gentrified, Fontana was built on ancient Native American ground. Aaaand I don’t know how true that is but the city nearby, San Bernardino, was most definitely built on tribal ground. There’s evidence to prove that. And because it’s a nearby city, it’s not much of a stretch to say that there were communities nearby too. So basically, the idea is that a lot of Fontana locals report that weird shit happens in their house all the time. Excuse me let me rephrase. Weird stuff happens in their house all the time. So a prime example with my mom is that when she’s cleaning the tele-the television, and you know like it’s plastic so you can see like see out of it to a certain extent or you can see a reflection to a certain extent. So if someone was walking behind you, you’d be able to see them creeping up on you. And there’s been a few times where’s she’s alone in the house, and the dogs are tiny mind you so they’re not even tall enough for the tv to catch their reflection. Cuz the tv’s like all the way up here. She’ll be cleaning it and then she’ll see something move behind her when she’s standing perfectly still. And that’s happened multiple times. Then she turns around a says ‘that’s odd! It looks like someone’s walking behind me but there’s no one home’. I’m at school. Dad’s at work. So it’s really weird and really kinda creepy. And also there’s times where it sounds like someone’s calling your name. Like someone will say Olga. But again, no one’s home so it’s weird.”

Interviewer: “And is your mom the only one who sees this?”

Informant: “My cousin adamantly believes that one time when she walked into my mom’s room in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, that she saw a woman in a white dress, standing by the door. And she screamed. And she ran out. And she grabbed my mom and my aunty. And when she went back  to tell them, basically crying, that there was a woman in their room, there was no one there. She was very adamant about that and it’s been over a decade since that happened. And she still refuses to go into that room. Whatever she saw shook her.”


The informant has some stories about her hometown, Fontana. It’s possible that the town was built on top of a burial ground, as a nearby town was also built on top of Native American land. The informant credits paranormal activity that may take place in the area to this. She has no personal experience with the matter but she has a story from her mother. One day her mother was cleaning the tv and saw the reflection of someone move behind her. However, the house was empty save for maybe dogs. There was also an instance where the informant’s cousin saw a woman dressed in all white in the mom’s room. Upon going to find someone else in the house to tell, she discovered that the house was empty. She still has fears of the room because of that. This story in particular reminds me of one that I heard as they both feature a woman in a white dress. The other story I heard is the first one that opened my mind to the possibility that ghosts and spirits actually exist in the world.