Fraternity Seal

Main Piece:

Participant – “In fraternities, you cannot step on the seal that’s painted on the sidewalk until you are initiated because it’s disrespecting your elders and there’s a superstition that you’ll get kicked out of the fraternity” 


The participant, I and a few of our friends were discussing Greek life an all of the interesting rules that people have to follow in order to be a part of the house. The participant then shared this superstition with us. 


The participant was born in and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana and is currently a second semester freshman at the University of Southern California. She is a Law, History, and Culture major with a minor in Art History. Both of the participants older brothers are in a fraternity and they informed her about this superstition.          


Within Greek life there are often many random superstitions and traditions which houses uphold as part of their fraternity’s culture. In many cases, braking these traditions can result in severe consequences. Even though most people know that logically stepping on the house seal would never directly cause you to be thrown out of the house, many of the uninitiated members will still avoid stepping on it at all costs. Superstitions often defy logic but are followed simply out of a fear that it could possibly be true, people often see superstitions with a better safe than sorry mentality.