French Morning Proverb

  1. Le monde appartient à ceux qui se lèvent tôt. 
  2. The world belongs to people who wake up early. 


This performance took place early in the morning and this was being shared to the speaker’s family. The speaker, who is French, brought this specific proverb up to make a point about how it can be a benefit to wake up early in the morning, even if it does not feel like it at the moment. 

Personal Thoughts:

This is a really interesting proverb that can reveal what French folk communities may view as what is “best” and socially acceptable. From this specific proverb, one can gather that there is an importance to waking up early, and that by waking up early, there is more to do in the day, thus making the world belong to those who are up early. This could be viewed in context for many things. While France does not have as typically capitalist a society as other Western countries, such as the United States, there may be a prioritization for work, thus getting up in the morning to go to work is seen as a success. France also has a lot of Catholic history and a large population of Catholics, therefore waking up early may tie into attending church ceremonies, which could potentially turn into a folk tradition if this particular view of waking up early has transformed into a religious folk tradition for church goers. While not there is not one specific folk practice that this proverb alludes to, it is interesting to note the different possibilities of what it may relate to, and it should also be noted that the translation in English has a similar structure to it in French, allowing for the proverb to translate fairly smoothly from one language to another.