Freshman Traditions

St. Mary was an all girl’s school and Cantwell that was an all boys school at the time, now they’re mixed, umm… but they made the freshman at Cantwell come and sell us rolls of toilet paper for a quarter and they were like “You wanna buy some toilet paper”(IN A DEEP VOICE) They were all like embarrassed about it and I was like “NO!”

My informant experienced this high school tradition while she was an eighth grader at school and freshmen boys were forced to sell toilet paper to the younger students. This came a tradition and sort of an initiation for the freshmen boys. I enjoyed this piece of folklore because it reminded me of the freshmen traditions at my own high school. The seniors would make the freshmen pay them money in exchange for a ticket to get in to the pool on the roof of the gym, however this pool did not exist. My informant grew up around the Montebello, California area where this piece of folklore took place.