Friend’s Ghost Story (translated from French)

One day, when my mother-in-law was young (she was a strong Catholic due to her education), she went to sleep in a villa that belonged to friends of her family. She was very open to spiritual and paranormal things (some people are more open than others). That night, she couldn’t sleep. She felt that something was different than other places; she felt like she was being observed. She began to cry and called her mom. So her mom came upstairs. While she going up she could hear the stairs creaking (the stairs were wooden since it was a house from the 1600s or 1700s). When her mom finally got to the room, my mother in law was holding her cross (which was her necklace). Her mom tried to calm her but she could not. Annoyed, she returned downstairs to continue talking with the house’s owners! Her mother explained the situation to them. Michel (one of the owners) went upstairs to explain that about 100 years ago, a woman was killed in this house, and apparently she’s stayed here. However, she wasn’t mean. All she did wander around the house, go up and down the stairs, and even sometimes, she would lift a hatch to go inside the attic and then brutally close it, despite the fact that the hatch was difficult to open, even for men.

And, later that night, the hatch opened and the stairs creaked…


My thoughts:

Well, this guy is one of my best friends so I believe in it. But the stairs creaking in the end could definitely have been any of the adults; the hatch could also have been moved by an adult. There’s no proof that it wasn’t a person so believing that a ghost caused these noises is a big assumption.