Game – Colorado


The Rope Game.

Rope game. For the game, you need two 4-5 foot pieces of rope and two people.  First, you tie rope around the wrists of player one.  Rope should not be too tight on the wrist.  Then, tie rope to wrist of player #2 and then pass the rope through the arms of player #1 before tying to player #2’s other wrist.  Object is to get separated without removing the rope from the wrists.

To simplify the instructions, one person makes a big O with their arms. Then the second person makes another O, interlocked with the first person. Then both players have their wrists tied. Then they try and get separated without untying each other.

Peter says, “Like the Ammo box game, this is another game I learned from other commercial river guides in the 1970’s while guiding trips through the Grand Canyon. It was popular once again because of its quick, easy set up and minimal supplies needed. I don’t actually remember how to get untangled, I’m sure I could figure it out if I played around with it.”

This game is another example of the culture that has developed around the sport of white water rafting. Although the sport has changed quickly in the last several years, it has a long and colorful past on such rivers as the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, or the Snake River in Idaho.

This game would be played as camp was being set up or as post-dinner entertainment. Rafting is a very social sport and any activity that gets multiple people involved is usually popular.