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Colors Game

My friends and I first played this game when were over at a friend’s place for a birthday party. It was in 3rd grade. We were bored one day so I told them about a game that we could play which my cousin told me about the summer before. The point of this game is to find the hidden object. We would be split up into two teams. One team would hide the object and the other would try to find it. We would have a base and that is where we start out. From there the hiding team leaves colored coins on the ground for the finding team to follow. Green coin meant straight, yellow meant right, blue meant left and red meant backwards. So the finding team would follow the coins to the place where the object was hidden. So in reality of the game it was more fun for the hiding team because they were the ones who would lay out the “map.” We would play this game for hours, because my friend’s house it big and we could make a lot of different routes.

I think this game was made into a real game only after I told my friends. Before that it was just a small little thing my cousins and I would just fool around with. Only after I told my friends, it was made into an official game. Even today, many of my friend’s siblings play this game. We haven’t played it since our younger years because we have sort of grown out of it. We played this game mostly because it was really fun and that it was a good time pass during the long summers.

I don’t think anyone else has played this exact game but I’m pretty sure that there are people who play some kind of variation of this game. This game is very similar to playing pirates or finding gold on a map game. The main purpose is to find the object using the clues that the coins give you. This game is a very important discovery in my childhood and it is very close to me because it made me into a game maker and not only a game player.